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2010 LT Issues

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My car is 4 months old and is nothing but trouble! Here's the issues I've had so far in 5000 miles.
1) Interior waterleak- 4 days to repair.
2) Interior waterleak (same)- 7 days to repair new door weatherstrip installed.

At this point I called GM and complained.

3) Interior waterleak (same)- 6 days cant find leak.

GM hires leak expert. Leak found on passenger side body seal. FIXED 1 day'

4) Noise from front left suspension- replace strut and strut mounts-2 days to fix

Now I have the same noise and have complained to GM and dealer. All I get is "the car is covered bumper to bumper for 36,000 miles". My thing is, what about 36,001 miles and its still giving me issues? Whose going to pay?

GM received millions in bailout funds because they build cruddy cars! I bought 2 new cars at the same time, 2010 Malibu (7 miles) and 2009 Impala (2 miles). I can't wait to get rid of both cars!! NO MORE GM PRODUCTS FOR ME!! Back to Nissan, well in about 2 years....hehe
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Great story. It's good to hear that GM is doing the right thing.
+1, good to hear.
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