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2010 malibu vs 2010 vw jetta

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which would you rather drive?
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If you are getting a TDI version than hands down Jetta. Superior drivetrain especially with the 6 speed manual and of course the TDI.

If you thinking about the gas engines then the Malibu would have to get the edge IMO.
God I hate diesels. And yeah, I have driven my buddies TDI. No revs, things runs out of steam at like 4500 rpm and is NO fun to drive. IMO a TDI in only good if all you care about is commuting and aren't into cars at all.
Well, that is your opinion. Its not a sports car but it feels far better than a straining Ecotec at 6800 RPM trying to motivate a 3600lb car. Id rather have some low end TQ rather than high end RPM.

Of course it runs out of steam at 4500, its a DIESEL. lol

Again, depending on what you want, youll choose either car. Im honestly glad we are trading in our Malibu. The small annoyances are starting to get really annoying.
Well, I would never have bought a 4 cylinder Malibu. Car is too big for a 4. Plus, IMO the Jetta is not in the same category, it is alot smaller. Maybe a Passat.
True. Its really a small midsize car compared to a solid midsize car for the Malibu. Now, if you were talking about the Passat then Id get the Passat. Its way better built and feeling and again doesnt have those overbearing annoyances.

As for the 4 cyl Bu that is again your opinion. Its a shame that GM wont put the DI Eco in it. Id like to see how many people actually pay for the V6 as I bet its less than 25%.
Every auto maker has problems. Google GM problems. lol

If VW had a good SUV that my wife liked she would be getting it. To me VW has been making better quality interiors for YEARS while GM has just finally stepped up to the plate. Hell, I just bought an 03 Golf and its the BASE model and it has auto up/down windows on BOTH front windows. Our 09 LTZ still doesnt!! WTF is up with that.

Anyways, Id take the Malibu over the Jetta depending on the engine choices.
I just traded an 06 Jetta TDI for a 2010 Malibu LT2. There is no comparison on numerous levels.

* Yes, the TDI got a wonderful 44-47 mpg, but the repair bills zeroed out any cost savings.

* The Malibu's service schedule is quite modest, and it's easier to work with Chevy staff on repairs than with VW.

* Regarding size, the cars are in completely different classes.

* The Malibu is not as nimble as the Jetta, but it's ride is easier on me over long distances. It's also nice to have a quiet cabin. The TDI was heard primarily at low speeds, but at all speeds the low profile tire roar in the front (right) was an irritant, especially as tires wore down. The Malibu is silent by comparison.

I miss the Jetta's engine a lot; it was a joy to drive. I don't miss the dual-mass flywheel, nor the $1000 bill to replace a timing belt and water pump. I think I'll stick with the Malibu.
Pretty good review.

However, I will say that the $1k repair bill for the timing belt must of been at a dealer right? I just purchased a TDI to replace another car and have found that there are good mehanics in most populated areas that will do the TB change for FAR cheaper than that.

Yes, the DMF is a joke. From what Ive read a lot of people change them out just so they dont explode when the miles start adding up.
Regardless of what the maintenance costs on Jetta, you pay extra for that engine and diesel fuel is way too expensive in US. All together, extra for diesel car, extra for maintenance and extra for daily fuel, you won't be able to recoup extra money you spent at the beginning by the fuel economy.
Gas is around the same price as diesel. Here it was .15 more a gallon for it. Factor in that I get 52 MPG in my Golf TDI and our Malibu gets 31 MPG we will be taking the Golf on trips.

You ALSO get back the cost you paid on the engine at purchase with a higher resale later on in life.

Compare an 03 Golf with 120k miles on it.

The gas comes back around $6400. MSRP was $15,295. 41.8% of original MRSP.

The TDI comes back around $9000. MSRP was $16,920. 53.2% of original MRSP.

Maintenance is maintenance. The biggest on the TDI is a timing belt change and like I said you can get an import garage that specializes in TDI engines for $400-500. I never take ANY car to a dealer to get work done that isnt warranty as they tend to take it to you regardless of what you need done.

Regardless, they are two very different cars with two different missions.
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Jetta is not a compact car. It is a small midsize.

You can NOT keep cars in a 3 class car system these days when they are growing bigger bigger every generation. Compare a 1980 Civic to a 2010 Civic and tell me its still a compact car.

Same with the Malibu and the 5th gen. Look at how much its grown in about 5 years. Malibu is now a big midsize car.
Ok, so compact cars cant be expensive because of their size? How is Mini doing on that? :p

Sorry, but if you compare the Jetta to the Cobalt, there is no question what is the better car.

VW has been putting things in cars for years that GM STILL hasnt put in a car of the same price. It might be small things but to many, the Jetta still feels far more premium than a Malibu. If you dont believe me, then go sit in a new Jetta Wagon (its the updated version, the sedan still is updated) and tell me how it compares to the Malibu.

Headroom (Front) 39.4
Headroom (Row 2) 37.2
Hiproom (Front) 53.0
Hiproom (Row 2) 52.1
Legroom (Front) 42.2
Legroom (Row 2) 37.6
Shoulder Room (Front) 55.9
Shoulder Room (Row 2) 53.9

Jetta Wagon:

Headroom (Front) 38.4
Headroom (Row 2) 38.1
Hiproom (Front) N/A
Hiproom (Row 2) N/A
Legroom (Front) 41.1
Legroom (Row 2) 35.4
Shoulder Room (Front) 54.8
Shoulder Room (Row 2) 53.1

Expect the Jetta sedan to be around the same size as the Malibu when it arrives this fall (I think that is when it gets here).
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Certainly compact cars can be as expensive as they can. That is mfg's decision. Higher the price, lower the number of units that can be sold.

I am not comparing Jetta to Cobalt. If there is a comparison, lets stick with apple to apple comparison. Don't compare apple to watermelon :cool:

Jetta may feel premium, you are entitled to your own opinion. Important thing is how US consumers have been feeling about Jetta. Simply, look at VW's sales figures:rolleyes: That shows you everything.
At the other side of the equation, lack of premium feel in GM cars has not beed stopped US consumers to put GM to top 3 (used to be top one).

Why did you compare wagon Jetta to 4 door sedan. To prove your point??
Jetta and Malibu are not in the same class. Malibu is a family sedan. It is a mid size car. Jetta is a compact car and should be compared to Cobalt.
:confused: You said to compare them?? So I did and then you tell me not to? Whats going on here? lol

The interior dimensions wont change when the Jetta sedan arrives. I said that in my post that you quoted.

GM sales more because they want volume. Its the only way they make money. GM lost volume a year or so ago and look where that got them.

Volume does not mean that a company is good. It merely means that they produce a lot of the item. Of course, if you were to proportion it out, I would assume that VW actually sales MORE vehicles than GM because they dont produce as much.

Just an FYI, VW sold 7,828 Jettas in Feb. GM sold 15,150 Malibus. Given the fact that VW sales about 10% of the total amount of vehicles that GM does, the Jetta is doing pretty dang good. Plus, there are ZERO rebates and probably close to nill fleet sales as well. ;)
Just because GM does not have a vehicle that directly competes with the Jetta does not mean you cant compare them. Basically all Im saying.

Also, regardless of how sick or healthy GM is, they HAVE to sell in volume to make money. Before they were bankrupt, they were #1 in the world. That STILL didnt keep them from going belly up. Now, only time will tell if General Motors Company will preform the same but if the current CEOs call for more volume selling mean anything its that GM has failed to learn from its past.

Numbers dont mean anything unless you are making money. GM hasnt been profitable in years. They are estimating that they will make a profit in the 3rd Q of this year. Now, depending on how you figure things, its gonna take a LONG time for GM to make a profit.

Also, 2010 Malibu rebates are up to $3k depending on where you are at in the nation.

2010 Jetta has none. Clearly, someone is doing something right. You can decide on that.

BTW, you do see that I still own a GM vehicle after we traded in our Malibu. The short comings of the Malibu started to get too annoying for my wife to handle and she wanted something that didnt annoy the crap out of her. The Terrain is a great vehicle but it doesnt blow away the competition in every aspect. We could certainly have more cargo room and it could not be 300lbs heavier than its next heaviest competitor. However, it was my wife's choice and she liked it the best despite its faults.

Disclaimer: I still own and will probably always own a GM vehicle. Regardless of the parent companies faults they churn out some good cars every now and then.
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