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2010 malibu vs 2010 vw jetta

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which would you rather drive?
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Malibu, I test drove a Jetta. To small, not enough power and overpriced. Plus, as of late VW hasn't had the best reputation with the Jetta.
If you are getting a TDI version than hands down Jetta. Superior drivetrain especially with the 6 speed manual and of course the TDI.

If you thinking about the gas engines then the Malibu would have to get the edge IMO.
God I hate diesels. And yeah, I have driven my buddies TDI. No revs, things runs out of steam at like 4500 rpm and is NO fun to drive. IMO a TDI in only good if all you care about is commuting and aren't into cars at all.
Well, that is your opinion. Its not a sports car but it feels far better than a straining Ecotec at 6800 RPM trying to motivate a 3600lb car. Id rather have some low end TQ rather than high end RPM.

Of course it runs out of steam at 4500, its a DIESEL. lol

Again, depending on what you want, youll choose either car. Im honestly glad we are trading in our Malibu. The small annoyances are starting to get really annoying.
Well, I would never have bought a 4 cylinder Malibu. Car is too big for a 4. Plus, IMO the Jetta is not in the same category, it is alot smaller. Maybe a Passat.
True. Its really a small midsize car compared to a solid midsize car for the Malibu. Now, if you were talking about the Passat then Id get the Passat. Its way better built and feeling and again doesnt have those overbearing annoyances.

As for the 4 cyl Bu that is again your opinion. Its a shame that GM wont put the DI Eco in it. Id like to see how many people actually pay for the V6 as I bet its less than 25%.
Not to sure about being better built. Google VW and recent problems. They are not so hot. I have two friends with VW's, both have been in the shop alot for pretty major stuff. I am not a Passat fan anyway, but I like the CC alot. But it is overpriced. Many cars I'd get before dropping 40K on a VW. :D

Opinion yes, I just always take power over economy. I'm old school. Plus the V6 is pretty close MPG wise in the real world. Even though the V6 is a high 14 second car it still feels slow compared to my other car (V8). So the I4 would have annoyed me alot. Now, the DI Ecotech would be a good idea, and I'm sure will make it's way in.
I find it hard to believe anyone picking a LT malibu over a jetta, for the same price you get real wheels, touch screen radio, bluetooth, leather, heated seats and a sunroof. You would be hard pressed to find a malibu like that outside off a 28k LTZ.
Base Jetta's are pretty stripped if you ask me....
a SE, jetta is cheaper and better equipped than a LT malibu.
A LS yes, not too sure about an LT though? The ones I looked at were not. Unless it was a GLI.
I don't agree the SE jetta is equipped as a mentioned above, you will not find a 1LT malibu equipped like the SE and the 1LT is more expensive, even with all of the rebates on chevys.

To each his own but almost $30k for a LTZ malibu, you could almost get a 3 series BMW.

I know the LS is a consumer best buy but I dont want a car with hub caps, sorry.
Don't get me wrong, the Jetta is nice, but I don't know how you car shop, but I looked at Jettas too. A nice one with the 18's, spoiler, leather, premium audio, etc was over 25K out the door. A GLI was in the low 30's. A joke for a small car like that IMO.

Furthermore, nobody pays almost 30K for an LTZ either. With rebates, incentives and dealing mine was well under that out the door.

And finally, and nice 3 Series is nowhere near 28K. BMW charges you for everything. My friend has a 328i and it stickered for almost 38K.
When comparing cars you have to use MSRP not what you think you can get I don't trust what people tell me they pay for a car.
If your shopping around just going by MSRP your missing out big time.
Jetta blows the Cobalt away, not even close.
Agreed. Since the SS sedan is no more....

Biggest problem the Jetta has is power. Even with a manual it is a dog. Unless you buck up, alot, for a GLI.
Let's keep it civil and on topic guys or it will get locked.

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