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2010 malibu vs 2010 vw jetta

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which would you rather drive?
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I find it hard to believe anyone picking a LT malibu over a jetta, for the same price you get real wheels, touch screen radio, bluetooth, leather, heated seats and a sunroof. You would be hard pressed to find a malibu like that outside off a 28k LTZ.
a SE, jetta is cheaper and better equipped than a LT malibu.
A LS yes, not too sure about an LT though? The ones I looked at were not. Unless it was a GLI.
I don't agree the SE jetta is equipped as a mentioned above, you will not find a 1LT malibu equipped like the SE and the 1LT is more expensive, even with all of the rebates on chevys.

To each his own but almost $30k for a LTZ malibu, you could almost get a 3 series BMW.

I know the LS is a consumer best buy but I dont want a car with hub caps, sorry.
SilverLTZ, I think you got your facts wrong, check out the link: its $30,750 to $28,625 for a LTZ. When comparing cars you have to use MSRP not what you think you can get I don't trust what people tell me they pay for a car.
Jetta and Malibu are not in the same class. Malibu is a family sedan. It is a mid size car. Jetta is a compact car and should be compared to Cobalt.
Jetta blows the Cobalt away, not even close.
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