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2010 malibu vs 2010 vw jetta

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which would you rather drive?
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Regardless of what the maintenance costs on Jetta, you pay extra for that engine and diesel fuel is way too expensive in US. All together, extra for diesel car, extra for maintenance and extra for daily fuel, you won't be able to recoup extra money you spent at the beginning by the fuel economy.
Jetta and Malibu are not in the same class. Malibu is a family sedan. It is a mid size car. Jetta is a compact car and should be compared to Cobalt.
Jetta blows the Cobalt away, not even close.
That doesn't change the fact. Jetta is a COMPACT car. Jetta is an overpriced compact car.
What criteria you are using to start comparing cars, then? What is your beginning point? Are you using price range? HP? MPG? Interior space? Resale?

If you want to compare Jetta with something in Chevy line, you ought to be using Cobalt.
If Cobalt is to light for you ( I assume - per your response - power is your concern) then start comparing Jetta with other make - like with Mazdaspeed - forget speed, any mazda3 blows Jetta away, anytime.
You certainly may classify it as small midsize, if you wish. That is your understanding.
One thing you can do is asking yourself what type of specs a car should have, to be classified as midsize. And see whether Jetta has these specs or not.
To me Jetta doesn't have anything.

Today's Jetta is not anymore bigger than previous or earlier generations of jetta. Certainly,it may look bigger but the same crampy seats, underpower engine, high price tag, expensive spare parts, etc.

5-6 tier classification system is forced down to consumers by marketing people. If VW puts $24K price sticker to a car and then comes to me to present that car as compact car, I am going to tell them "go @#@[email protected] yourself".
But, if they present the very same car as midsize (or small mid as you put it), I'll look into it - regardless of I buy it or not their goal is take midsize sedan consumers' attention.
Ok, so compact cars cant be expensive because of their size? How is Mini doing on that? :p

Sorry, but if you compare the Jetta to the Cobalt, there is no question what is the better car.

VW has been putting things in cars for years that GM STILL hasnt put in a car of the same price. It might be small things but to many, the Jetta still feels far more premium than a Malibu. If you dont believe me, then go sit in a new Jetta Wagon (its the updated version, the sedan still is updated) and tell me how it compares to the Malibu.

Headroom (Front) 39.4
Headroom (Row 2) 37.2
Hiproom (Front) 53.0
Hiproom (Row 2) 52.1
Legroom (Front) 42.2
Legroom (Row 2) 37.6
Shoulder Room (Front) 55.9
Shoulder Room (Row 2) 53.9

Jetta Wagon:

Headroom (Front) 38.4
Headroom (Row 2) 38.1
Hiproom (Front) N/A
Hiproom (Row 2) N/A
Legroom (Front) 41.1
Legroom (Row 2) 35.4
Shoulder Room (Front) 54.8
Shoulder Room (Row 2) 53.1

Expect the Jetta sedan to be around the same size as the Malibu when it arrives this fall (I think that is when it gets here).

Certainly compact cars can be as expensive as they can. That is mfg's decision. Higher the price, lower the number of units that can be sold.

I am not comparing Jetta to Cobalt. If there is a comparison, lets stick with apple to apple comparison. Don't compare apple to watermelon :cool:

Jetta may feel premium, you are entitled to your own opinion. Important thing is how US consumers have been feeling about Jetta. Simply, look at VW's sales figures:rolleyes: That shows you everything.
At the other side of the equation, lack of premium feel in GM cars has not beed stopped US consumers to put GM to top 3 (used to be top one).

Why did you compare wagon Jetta to 4 door sedan:confused:To prove your point??
"You said to compare them?? So I did and then you tell me not to? Whats going on here? lol"

Oh, please don't take the face value of everything I say here. You are simply twisting the facts to prove your point.

Let me put it in a way you can see:
If Jetta is a mango and malibu is an apple, you can't compare them. Find a mango in GM line and compare it to that. Or find an apple in VW line and compare it to that.
What is the mango in GM line? It is cobalt. Is VW's mango equal GM's mango in terms of taste? NO...But they are all mango...If you don't like GM's mango, then go compare your jetta to Mazda's mango (mazda3)...But make sure you are comparing mangos to each other.

"GM sales more because they want volume. Its the only way they make money."
Oh I see!! So VW doesn't want to make more money? Is VW non-profit organization :))

All you can do is to compare sick GM to healthy VW to prove your point?? This is a temporary situation and GM will come back and everyone knows this. Look at the model line ups, camaro, equinox, Malibu, volt is coming too...Did you sit in Equinox, blows the competition with every aspec...Ford's escape looks and feels dinosaur compare to Equinox + 32 mpg SUV.

"VW actually sales MORE vehicles than GM because they don't produce as much."
You are wrong!
Here is the lates numbers and look at GM's (YTD 19.4%) and VW's (YTD 2.4%) market share.
GM's domestic cars sold( 57246 units) vs VW domestic cars sold (9568 units).
You don't built a market share by just sitting there. You have to sell units.
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