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2010 malibu vs 2010 vw jetta

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which would you rather drive?
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I just traded an 06 Jetta TDI for a 2010 Malibu LT2. There is no comparison on numerous levels.

* Yes, the TDI got a wonderful 44-47 mpg, but the repair bills zeroed out any cost savings.

* The Malibu's service schedule is quite modest, and it's easier to work with Chevy staff on repairs than with VW.

* Regarding size, the cars are in completely different classes.

* The Malibu is not as nimble as the Jetta, but it's ride is easier on me over long distances. It's also nice to have a quiet cabin. The TDI was heard primarily at low speeds, but at all speeds the low profile tire roar in the front (right) was an irritant, especially as tires wore down. The Malibu is silent by comparison.

I miss the Jetta's engine a lot; it was a joy to drive. I don't miss the dual-mass flywheel, nor the $1000 bill to replace a timing belt and water pump. I think I'll stick with the Malibu.
I appreciate the point about using independent mechanics to reduce cost on repair. In my case, however, I had just moved to another state and was working an average of 60 or 70 hours a week. There just hasn't been time to find the *right* mechanic ... and the wrong one can be disastrous. I can't risk losing a powertrain. At this time in my life, Chevy and the Malibu were the better choice ... albeit regretfully. I had hoped to keep the Jetta for many more miles......
Comparing trim packages and purchase price between the Jetta and Malibu is relevant if that's ultimately the deciding factor for a buyer. Do some research on the dual-mass flywheel used in the A5 ('06.5) Jettas given PD injectors, and you find the hidden story. Owners report catastrophic failure of the clutch as early as 20k and often at 60k, including cases where the flywheel became a grenade punching a hole in the outer casting. VW refuses to use upgraded parts produced by the same vendor who produced the OEM parts, and insists that weak OEM parts be used for repair. Now we're talking real money, and part failure almost certain to happen again. Suddenly the touchscreen and bluetooth are less relevant for every buyer because the car won't run. And the Malibu, with a single-mass flywheel and a transmission developed by Chevy, Ford, the Swedes and Germans in consortium, seems a better long-term buy. At least is seemed so for me.
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