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Good morning everyone, I have a 10 Bu 2LT with the 3.6 tap. Absolutely in love with her. And I'm hoping that's all the info you need.

She's got the mid grade stereo in her. Not the base, and not the Bose system. UUI I believe my code is (wife has it today, can confirm later). This thing has given me nightmares only on the stereo. There's no volume! All I own are Chevy. One has a Bose in it, two have factory units, and Bu. The other 3 will rock you out of your seats. Poor Bu can't raise her voice more than a slightly louder conversation.

My diag consists of: replace and VIN learn new stereo. Replace and VIN learn amplifier (wasn't taking a chance here since I know the CANBUS runs through the amp somehow, wiring confirmed). I have replaced the two rear window speakers, definitively bad. The front speakers are good. Took one out and tested it using a 3.5mm wire and a cell phone. Checked voltages at amp and stereo, right where they're supposed to be.

So what gives? I have 3 head units, and 2 amps. I know my chances aren't zero, but surely some combo of the 5 pieces I have should have blown me away, right?

What else can I do to bring up their "better than base but not quite Bose" stereo option up to par with my other 3 loves? Preferably without going aftermarket. I love her. And I try to keep stuff as stock as best as I can.

Thanks for any insight given. All options will be researched thoroughly.

Thank you,
Chris, aka Lost and Confused
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