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I have 2011 Chevy Malibu LTZ - 4 cylinder ( 143,000 miles ) ( very intermittent misfire/stumble in park/drive/idle/70 mph ) ( problem started at about 130,000 miles ) Never a light on.
Service Station 1 Says: We can't help you until your engine misfires enough to setoff a code
Service Station 2 Says: You will have to wait until you stall ( in winter ? ); then we should be able to read enough codes to better assist. He is not going to chase the problem and fail.

Chevy: Has no clue.
On 11/7/20 I took my car into Chevy; to get the purge valve replaced - which was a low cost shot in the dark, recommended by the parts dept manager ( not a tech )
No go. Didn't fix problem. A bad purge valve can cause rough idling but that is about it. I should of researched it further.
I have asked Chevy how they fix problems in this modern day without a the computer telling them what exactly to put in a car?
Answer: Well sometimes we may have to replace 3 things to finally fix the problem.

I am taking my car to Chevy again on 11/11/20 to be diagnosed by a tech.
I will report back.
I will also bring these suggestions above to the tech.

Stay tuned.

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Very intermittent misfire, started at 130,ooo miles.

When were the plugs changed?

Do you live in a salt/rust zone? If so, check the grounding of the coil packs. Earlier models of the 2.4L had an issue with poor grounding along with the alternator wire inducing a current that caused unintended spark events, aka misfires.

You don't need the CEL to be on to set a code. Have it scanned for codes if you haven't already, and make sure the one doing it uses a scanner that reads more than just the P codes. There are also B, C, and U codes that could come into play here.

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Tech's like to see a hard fail, yes it's not a good answer but is the truth. Swapping out parts, especially expensive parts is not a option when they have to be ordered in and the money is coming out of a customers pocket not a corporation.
In warranty then GM tech will direct them, cash job is a different story.
Service dept. orders it, they own it so there is no sending parts back to GM . No one wants to guess with someone else's money
This is the complexity of the modern world's vehicles, appliances, everything.
Misfire codes can be listed as random or specific to one cylinder. If random then it's a wait and see what other codes pop up pointing to a more precise direction. That's probably what your issue is and quite frankly if it was my car it would be the same with me on wait and see what else pops up as I fix my own vehicles.
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I have a 2011 Chevy Malibu LTZ - 4 cylinder

108,000 ( I drive a lot for work)

ESC/Traction control light comes on. Code 301 for cylinder 1 misfire
Things done to it to try to fix problem:
  • New plugs
  • Switched coils 1 & 2
  • Checked wiring to coil and fuel injector
  • Used dielectric grease on all connectors to cylinder 1

Each time something new is done the issue goes away for up to a week and then returns.

Please help! Thanks in advance.
I have had the same issue for over a year. And have spent hundreds of dollars. Coil packs. Plugs. Wirring issues

But i now have the answer to what i believe is the solution to 99% of the same problems. With all 2.4 malibu.

And its simple. The o ring on the MAP sensor deteriorates. Sucks air directly into the intake. Causes the maf to tell the computer to lean the fuel mixture; causing the misfire..ON #1 OR ANY of the cylinders.

Simple solution .. Pull the MAP sensor out of the plastic manifold..spray the inside of the sensor with MAF cleaner. Let it dry. Coat the O ring with dielectric grease or vasoline or any grease on hand. Re install it...

I have no more #1 cyl. Misfire codes nor esc or traction bells and whistles on the dash. And the engine is again running like new.

At 134.890 miles

Metcalf- can you provide any more specific information on your wiring issue? My 2011 Malibu LTZ is doing the exact same thing! The dealer and other auto shops keep saying they can't find the problem. I am starting to hate my car!
I have the solution. It is the O RING ON the MAP sensor allowng air to be sucked directly into the intake. Causing the MAF to tell the lean youre fuel mixture causing the engine misfie code. Or its vibbating an stumbling or dying and all the ser..esc prompts.. Either clean youre MAP sensor and coat the o ring with grease and reinstall it ..or replace the MAP sensor. I went thru hell and hundreds of dollars find no one could figure the problem out

I DID.. more more ser.prompts. engine runs like new at a 134.890 miles.
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