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Hi everyone.
Hoping to find some answers to a very strange issue that popped up recently on my wifes 2011 Malibu LTZ. About a month ago during heavy rain she had a pretty bad water leak. After lots of searching I discovered that her sunroof drain hose had come undone. So water was just running into the headliner and down the A-pillar. I reset the hose problem solved. That is when the weird stuff started. My wife the other day hit her high beams out on a country road and that in-turn turned on the wipers. There was no way to turn them off until you turned the car off AND opened the door. They do eventually turn off after quite some time (20 mins last time I timed it). I got in and drove and discovered that when this happens the headlights dim, the horn stops working. They eventually stop. Right before they stop the headlights come back to full power and then shortly after wipers stop. After they stop I am then able to control them with the wiper control through all phases. Horn, high beams, turn signal are the only ways that I have been able to recreate the problem. HELP! I don't know where to start with this.:(

Thank you!

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Water intrusion is not a good thing with delicate circuitry, which is what our cars have all over them.

First thing I'd recommend is find out all the places the water got to and see what electrical connections may have gotten wet. Unplug and plug them back in several times, taking special care if you're dealing with airbags. Also check the BCM to be sure it hasn't gotten wet. Even if it has, unplug the connectors several times.

The hose that you reconnected may come loose again. You might want to put a short piece in between the two to lengthen it so it has a lesser chance of coming apart again.

Additionally, check the battery thoroughly. If it's okay on a test it still may be too weak to keep things going the way they should. Batteries for other members have tested "good" but when replaced all of their electronic gremlins disappeared.
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