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Hello All,

My first post.

We have a 2011 Chevy Malibu 2.4 with 174K miles on it.
We have had it since 15K miles and it's been a really great car.
The only large fix was the 6 speed transmission going out at 95K miles and we spent the money and got that replaced. It seems like that is a weak point of the vehicle.
A good decision in hind sight instead of going to the dealer for a new car.
Apart from that it's been pretty standard maintenance which I do most of.
If we get 200K+ miles out of it, we feel we have got our moneys worth out of the vehicle over the years.
In the last 12 months, we have spent only $450 on it, and over half that was replacing the original windshield which was cracked beyond repair.

Anyway, I decided to replace the belt tensioner pulley (just the plastic pulley/bearing) after hearing the odd "funny" noise.
After watching a few youtube videos the easiest way was to remove the air box, use a jack to hold the engine, remove the passenger side engine mount
and jack the engine up a few inches to get to it.
While attempting to undo the engine mount bolts, I noticed the Low Pressure A/C line was leaking when I pushed extension tool on it.
It comes from that "Joint" or "Connection".
Is this a standard Connection ? Like some sort of quick disconnect?

FYI, our A/C blows cold, we feel there is no issue with cold air. I have NOT gone so far as renting the A/C pressure test kit and doing a pressure test on the low/high side to see how that is.
Right now I'm curious as to why/how this leak is. If this "connection/splice" is normal etc...

Here is a video I made with my phone, you can hear the Refrigerant bubbling out:

Here is a photo of the Low pressure A/C Line:

Many Thanks,

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