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2012 Transmission issues

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I'm working on a 2012 Malibu with some serious transmission problems. There is no DTC's to use for troubleshooting. When placed into drive there is two loud clunking noises, none in reverse. The entire engine and transmission shakes. All mounts are good. Checked the fluid level, was good, but the fluid was dark as coal. After 3 complete fluid changes fluid is still coming out very dark! When driving the car it feels like there is no shifting action at all. Car is hard to get moving, once moving the car runs very smooth. I also pulled the TCM and cleaned all the solenoids, I think this transmission is toast. Anyone have any suggestions? The car has over 185,000 miles and I think this is the first time the fluid was ever changed!
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Didn't mistake the engine oil for the transmission fluid! It's funny driving the car on the road once you get it going drives like a dream, very smooth! Just putting it into drive you get clunk, clunk.... Can't feel it shift at all!
A quick update! Problem fixed, I found that the TCM fuse in the engine compartment fuse box was blown. (no idea what caused that). After replacing the fuse the the hard shift into drive went away and driving the shifting was normal. Now to address the dark fluid issue, after 4 drain and flushes the fluid was still coming out very dark, fearing that the clutch disks were destroyed, I found a replacement transmission out of a 2011 at my local pick and pull for $90.00 installed it, reprogramed the ECM and TCM together and the car drives just fine.
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I removed the engine and transmission as an assembly, by pulling up and out of the car, having being an auto mechanic for 50 years not much of an issue there. I did the reprograming of the computers by following some of the many youtube videos and a scanner. Not to much of a problem!
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