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2013 A/c not working after radiator replacement - computer problem or getting ripped off?

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My husband just got a new to us 2013 Malibu. After owning it for less than a week it overheated. We took it to a mechanic and were told it had a cracked radiator. We have only lived in this town/state for a month so we don't know much about this mechanic other than they were recommended by someone we trust & their reviews online. We paid to have the radiator replaced ($1200! With a 2 yr warranty) and when my husband picked it up, the a/c was no longer working (worked great before). Took it back to the mechanic where they connected it to their computer. When they manually told the computer to blow cold air, the car blew cold air. As soon as the computer was removed, it went back to hot air. The mechanic then tells us we need to purchase a new part for $120 from the dealer and "sometimes these things just happen." I'm having a really hard time believing the timing is just a coincidence but having no car knowledge, I'd like to get someone else's opinion. Are we being ripped off? Did they forget to reconnect something somewhere?
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It's always possible that they're scamming you, but it's also possible that they did nothing wrong and it was coincidental.

In my book, a good garage would step up and make it right, especially after spending that kind of money to replace a simple radiator.
My husband just got a new to us 2013 Malibu.
Did they forget to reconnect something somewhere?
If the shop had not reconnected something that would prevent the AC from working, then they would not have been able to get the AC to function when it was plugged into their computer or diagnostic tool. Being that the car is a 2013, that makes it 9 years old; and at that age, parts will fail. All of the automakers have quality standards calling for a functional lifespan of 7-10 years and 120-150,000 miles, depending on the automaker. It is unfortunate that you have to now spend more money after just dropping $1200 to get the radiator replaced, but older cars always have maintenance costs to keep them running.
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