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Hello I am being told my transmission needs replacing after throwing a P700 code.

I left work yesterday to head home as usual, but midway through my drive I noticed the Stabilitrak light went on, and next I noticed it was getting increasingly difficult to get up to 45-50mph. I ended up driving home with my hazards on going that rate of speed. When I got home and put the car into reverse to back into the driveway I noticed it would jump when pressing the gas.

I have 161000 miles on it and wouldn't you know yesterday was my last payment on it 😔

I did not notice any performance issues with it prior to showing the Stabilitrak light, and there is no fluid on the ground.

What should I have the mechanic check prior to shelling out the money to replace the transmission?

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At your mileage the transmission fluid should have been replaced at least 3 times previously. If never done the trans. is probably done for. Fluid service should be done at a minimum of every 50k miles for it to last 200k miles.
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