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Hello, I'm new here and new to learning how to work on my car myself. I have a couple problems so you'll probably see me posting a bit. But, for this I need help figuring out what's wrong with the rear end of my car. Its only on the right side, rear wheel. When that tire hits a bump or a pothole it makes a rattling sound. But if I hit a dip in the road that both tires go over evenly, it doesn't do it. My car had a rear toe link corrosion recall but I took it to the dealer and they "fixed" the recall, I was hoping with them fixing the recall it would fix the rattling, but it did not. I've had my uncle and my grandfather take a look at the tire and whatever else you can see just by looking under the car in that area and behind the tire, and they can't seem to see that anything looks wrong. Anybody have any tips or had this problem and fixed it? thanks in advance.

don't know if it'll make a difference but I have a 2013 chevy Malibu LT ECO 2.4L

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my experience with some dealerships is that they will fix only what they were supposed to fix and look no further...when you had the recall done they may not have looked at anything more or the issue did not present itself...

how many miles on your car?...if you can take your car to a trusted mechanic or someone who can get the car up on a lift, it could be almost anything back there...broken spring, sway bar bushing or link, shock absorber...

also make sure you rule out anything in the trunk that might be loose and causing a sound back there...I know it seems like it couldn't be that but I found a not battened down spare tire and jack under the trunk floor made a sound that I couldn't dins for awhile until...well you get it

when your dealership did the rear toe link, they replaced them and did a 4 wheel alignment, right???...should be on your paperwork...

Good luck with your car

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