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2014 Malibu active grill shutter codes PO59F & PO69E

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My son has a 2014 Malibu LS with the above codes. I have turned them off 3 or 4 times since 5/28/18 and they keep coming back. This model Malibu does not have the active grill shutter/actuator assembly. Any idea what's wrong and how to fix it. Thanks.
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Maybe it was in an accident and repaired incorrectly...
The only model that had the active grill shutter that year was the Eco. He has an LS. He's had the car for 2 years and it first came on in May of this year. My limited understanding is these grill shutters could have problems in the winter getting stuck from slush, ice and snow. What would cause a code to come on in warm weather other than an actuator going bad? The LS does not have a shutter or actuator.
Has there been any damage repaired to the vehicle's front end?

Has there ever been any warranty work (recall, TSB, etc) done that may have resulted in the BCM being reprogrammed with the ECO program?
There has been no damage repair to the front end.
I stand corrected on how long he has had the car. He has had it for 3 years. About 2 years ago with around 30,000 miles, both rear wheel bearings were replaced under warranty. There was nothing on the repair bill about any reprogramming. The car now has 59000 miles.
The PO59F code came back on today and I turned it off.
You may have to ask dealer or capable independent shop to check the ECM or BCM programming. I am not sure which holds the programming since it seems body but code falls under engine cooling.

That code is indeed for active shutters not responding. Either you have shutters and weren't previously aware (you can't even trust GM's specs, there are errors), the programming was recently changed, or there is a problem with a corrupting code that is corrupting with great specificity.

Looking at the online catalog at gmpartsdirect, the LS can have shutters:
Thanks for the response.
I did check the car for shutters as soon as I got the code the first time. There are no shutters on this car. Since my last post, the code has not come back on, but I'm waiting.
The PO59F code has come back on 3 or 4 times since I last posted. I usually turn it off with a diagnostic tool, but I haven't done so this time. There does not seem to be any affect on performance. I'm just concerned with passing the Ohio echeck. I did look for any open electrical connectors on the front of the car where the active grill shutter/actuator assembly would be if this car had one, but I didn't see any. I'm starting to see online more people complaining about this code, but I never see any resolution and you know only a small percentage of people post regarding there car problems. I wonder if this is going to be an ongoing problem.
Any idea what it should cost to reprogram a BCM or PCM? Thanks.
I had my 2013 a week and someone backed into my front bumper. Since then them 2 codes have come up. I have a shutter on my LS. The car has no power, it chuggs,downshifts really hard when slowing down, driving on highway at 60-70 the rpms go up and down, when I start the car it sounds like a waterfall in my dash. I've had this car for 7 months. 90,000 miles.
raedana857 I have same exact problem with my 2013 Malibu the dealership said I need a newShutter Grill and it will cost $580.00 it's ridiculous. I just dumped over 1200 this month alone. The car is horrible.
raedana857 I have same exact problem with my 2013 Malibu the dealership said I need a newShutter Grill and it will cost $580.00 it's ridiculous. I just dumped over 1200 this month alone. The car is horrible.
FWIW, looks like an easy replacement, here is a link to a replacement seller on eBay:

Interesting article on active shutters:

Check your car's build sheet to see if VRI is on it. (Mine is not so equipped)

If you do not have your build sheet depicting what your car has, you can obtain one here:
The PO59F and PO69E codes came back. Again, this car does not have the active grill shutter which the diagnostics indicates is the problem. This code seems to come on when the weather gets hot and humid. Anybody else having problems with this code on cars without the active grill shutter and any resolution to the problem? It is frustrating. Since this problem, some solenoid issues and wheel hub problems, I've bought my daughter a Ford Fusion and my wife a Ford Escape. So far so good. I use to be a buy GM person. I'm looking for a problem free car for myself after driving an Equinox with 6 wheel hub, 2 carrier bearing and 2 caliper issues. It will probably be a Ford too.
Hope it's OK if I revive this old thread.
I am also getting these codes. I have a 2013 Malibu "Eco" and the "active grill shutter" problems probably shouldn't surprise me because the bumper fascia is pretty banged up.

But is there some way (without a dealer computer) to actuate the shutter and see whether it moves?
The part is about $340 so it would be nice to isolate the problem before throwing money at it. For example if running 12v into a pin on the connector should open or close it?
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