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Was this happening before you swapped out the battery? If not, I guess the first thing I would check is all your connections, just to be safe.

Because of some issues with mine, I literally drive the vehicle with the voltage displayed at all times. I get very nervous when I see it go down into the 12's, with the knowledge that if it drops into the 11's, the car is going to go into battery saver mode which is not a fun day. And I suppose so long as you are at >12v (enough to run the car and keep the battery charged) you are probably okay.

What happens when you put a full load on the battery, i.e., at idle, headlights/highbeams on, heat on high, blower on high, rear defroster on - does the voltage react accordingly? If it does, you're probably okay.

When you pulled into that garage, were your headlights on auto? Might be, if the garage is dark, your headlights kicked on and thus the increase in voltage to the battery, which is what you would want to see.

And lastly, did you replace the battery with a Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery. That is what is called for in these vehicles - something to do with "increased charge acceptance", better charge cycles, blah blah, etc. I didn't do that in my vehicle and there doesn't seem to be any fallout, however, I'm sure the battery I purchased will have a shortened life. But to be technical, the vehicle calls for an AGM battery.

Respond back with the load test - I'm curious.

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