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I have a 2014 Malibu 2.5L. I just replaced my battery a couple days ago (the battery prior to the new one was in there since the car was manufactured- don’t know how that lasted so long. I bought the car 3 years ago.) I only replaced it because of the age, and I noticed my voltage would drop high 12’s to low 13’s even while driving. After replacing, the first couple days it was mid 13’s low 14’s at times. But today I noticed it was only in the low 12’s. Start/stop works fine, no lights on the dash. No issues with radio, etc. The temp out today was high 70’s. I do live in an area that I’m required to stop/go quite a bit. I did notice once I pulled into a parking garage that it shot up to 13v.

Really I’m just looking to see if this is normal/okay?
Thank you!
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