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So my rear driver side break light is out, I have been searching online to look for how to replace the leds. But from what I keep finding is that I have to replace the entire housing as I can’t find just the leds or how to replace them. Is this correct ? Do I have to replace entire thing or am I missing something? Any clarification and help with this would be appreciated.

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It depends on your skills and desire to save a buck.

If you can get the light and housing out, it's probably a fairly simple device. The one in my 2011 is harder than all get-out to remove since it means taking apart most of the trim in the back of the car. But once I got to it, it's just a simple housing with 6 LEDs, 2 resistors, and 1 diode soldered to a board. The asking price is over $100, but I can fix it for a whole lot less myself, so guess what?




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The LED tailight assy. is a one piece assy. It comes off from inside the trunk. You have to loosen and pull back the trunk liner to access the nuts inside the trunk that hold it on.
To repair it you would need electronics skills to diagnose it's internal circuit board other wise its' replaced as a complete assembly. It's internal parts are not a separate part.
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