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2015 Malibu LTZ 2.0 suspension, rotors, brakes and rims upgrade???

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Hi Guy,
Not sure if this question has been mentioned or not but I cannot find anything in the forum or anyone getting back to me about this that I have reached out too.
I am wondering if anyone has upgraded their suspension, rotors, brakes and rims yet for the 2015 LTZ 2.0's.

I have done a little bit of homework but hit a dead end and as far as I got some people talked about using the 2016 Camaro suspension, rotors, brakes and rims n their Malibus but I never found out what parts or anything.
So I am looking to upgrade the car for street driving and track racing.
If anyone has any information and which parts please share if you can.
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I think the closet I am getting is maybe going with the Buick regal Brembo's package, correct me if I am wrong but I believe the regals and malibu's have the same sizes
Yes, the buick brembos fit but you have to either cut your backing plates or use the buick ones. No line changes are needed. Bolt up and go, I have them on my car. Spacing for the wheels is another matter, you have to have 19" wheels and the OEM ones need a 1" spacer. My aftermarket wheels only needed a 5mm spacer but the offset is different.
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