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These documents outline some common, occasional, and/or rare problems the gen9 Malibu might encounter. A bulletin doesn't mean your car will experience the issue nor do bulletins cover all cars of a certain year. Bulletins are meant for professional technician troubleshooting and diagnosis that are often complicated or unique.

Technical Service Bulletins (see note at the end of this post):

Specification Changes:

2013-2017 Oil Specification Clarification (2.0T LTG)
17-NA-039 Source:

2000-2022 Spin On Oil Filter Torque Specification Clarification
22-NA-009 Source:

Powertrain related:
2016-2019 Shift to Park message after placing in park (all engines/transmissions)
19-NA-206 Source:
old revision 19-NA-206 Source:

2016-2019 Oil dilution, possible P2097 P0172 (2.0T LTG)
18-NA-246 Source:

2016-2018 Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Engine Power is Reduced w/ P2138 (all engines)
N182188250 Special Coverage:

2016-2018 Gurgle or rushing water noise upon stop or Auto Stop (all engines, LFV)
18-NA-015 Source:

2017-2018 Intermittent Shift, No Reverse, No forward, MIL Illuminated DTC P2820 or P2731 transmission solenoid stuck (2.0T LTG)
18-NA-081 Source:
18-NA-121 Source:

2016+ Coolant leak, steam under hood
17-NA-120 Source:

2018 lack of power, knock sensor issue (1.5T LFV)
19-NA-032 Source:

2019 lack of power, possible P2096 P2097 (1.5T LFV)
19-NA-058 Source:

2016+ P1101 possible front or rear leak from clogged PCV orifice
20-NA-047 Source:

2016+ P0299 P2227 P00C7 or P0234 cold causing freezing of moisture in charge air cooler or wastegate solenoid valve (1.5T)
N222372590 Source:
18-NA-069 Source:
PIP5812C Source:

Body or Suspension:
2016-2017 CHMSL water intrusion into headliner and/or trunk (all engines)
N192210570 Special Coverage:
17-NA-209 Source:

2013-2018 water in front passenger area floor (all engines)
PIC5822E Source:

2016-2020 Water in trunk/rear not caused by CHMSL (all engines)
20-NA-126 Source:

2016-2018 Rattle, Loose Lumber Type Noise or Popping/Clunking Type Noise Coming from Rear Suspension (all engines)
18-NA-136 Source:

2016-2018 loud bass rumble 1100-1200 rpm 1900-2000 rpm (all engines)
18-NA-255 Source:

2016-2018 Steering Assist Reduced (all engines)
19-NA-182 and 16-NA-200 Source: or

2016-2020 Oil consumption guidelines (all engines)
01-06-01-011L Source:

2013-2018 Oil Life Monitor OLM Guidelines
18-NA-125 Source:

2016 gen9 New model features
15-NA-085 Source:

2020 and Prior Unscheduled Supplemental Services (Including Flushing Services and Additives)
04-06-01-029J Source:
(previous) 04-06-01-029I Source:

2016-2018 wireless charging retrofit upgrade
18-NA-153 Source:

2016-2020 No hands on steering wheel shake:
19-NA-185 Source:

2016-2020 Hands on steering wheel shake with no braking:
PIE0542 Source: and updated here:

2000-2021+ Carbon on valves causing rough idle, extended crank, or misfire and codes P0300 - P030x

2016-2019 Battery Sensor Module Learn Procedure

2017+ Battery Learn Adjustments

2016+ Jacking / lifting locations
Source: jacklocations.pdf

2016+ Damage from lack of scheduled maintenance, improper service, aftermarket calibrations
16-NA-222 (Oct 2020 revision) Source:

Note: This is not a comprehensive list of all bulletins. It is a list relevant to posts/feedback seen on this forum. These are for reference only and generally not applicable to DIYers. Bulletins usually pertain to a specific set of vehicles exhibiting a specific behavior. A bulletin doesn't necessarily mean an issue is common or relates to your vehicle. Use these publicly available bulletins if your dealer or independent shop cannot correct an issue or locate information on their own. These are North America region bulletins.
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