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Just purchased this Malibu for a friend. It drove fine for the 200 miles I put on it before taking it to him. I drive hybrids and wimpy cars so I don’t have a heavy foot. Oil and fluids looked good before delivery. He’s a bit younger so he might have floored it or been racing it down the roads who knows. When I got the call at first I thought it was the worst a cracked piston because he said it misfired home and when I got there it wouldn’t crank or even read the OBD2. I came back and this time the tool turned on and It read all of these codes. I cleared them and the car fired right up with the same codes. My conclusion is it jumped timing? I wanted some input on this and see if I’m headed in the right direction. It also seems like no one has made a complete timing chain kit for this model yet. The car has 78,200 miles.

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Step one is battery condition since car was just purchased. Weak battery will set all kinds of codes.
MAF sensor issue can set codes induction related. Check all the intake tubes for fitting tight and secured properly first before replacing MAF.
Sensors going bad is one of today's common issues.
MAF and exhaust sensor seem to be the primary codes with multiple related ones.
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