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2016 Premier HVAC issue

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Newb here 2016 Premier going to give you the short and sweet of it not to bore you but I have a story to tell you of a dealer burn that your head would spin more later

Car in or out of climate blows ONLY COLD AIR DRIVERSIDE UNLESS IN HI! So it's either 90 or 0 temp on driverside passengerside works fine.

Is there a easy way to access the actuators? Anyone removed panels have a play buy play?

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Some many months later numerous trips to dealer still no fix! Dealer says its normal I guess they think I'm a idiot!

If I drop tempature lower to 81 degrees say in Auto Mode it blows cold driverside warm air on passengerside . If I switch out of Auto Mode to VENTS it will flow warm air on driverside!

Basically it will not vary temperature below 86 degrees just goes cold driverside as well as rear seating!!
Can anyone help explain or tell me where the cabin tempature sensor for the driverside is?

Greatly appreciated.

There's no codes dealer supposedly has replaced actuators etc etc they're no help. Has been in shop atleast a dozen times under warranty mind you no fix. To say I'm aggravated is beyond imagination
Dealer says they've done everything they can will not admit defeat says that's the way it works, I say BS! I offered to rent bring another 2016 malibu there and if it works like mine I'll eat crow!! They said nothing anyone want to meet me with a 2016 in WTBY CT at Blasius??
1 - 3 of 6 Posts