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I have a 2016 Premier Malibu, love it except for one issue that lingered for over a year even after 2 visits to my local Chevrolet dealership.
The issue was the Parking Brake Warning light would come on 100 feet after driving, there was nothing that was affected however the Emergency Brake would not be able to be activated once the light went on. I have never used the emergency brake, so it wasn't really a concern EXCEPT I realized this also prevented the cruise control from being able to be used.
After 2 week long visits (for the car) the problem would still appear. So this year when I took it in for annual inspection I told Chevrolet we need to fix this once and for all. They replaced modules, traced shorts, reprogrammed and talked with GM engineering (so they say). What finally solved the bloody issue is replacing a wiring harness F-Harness 84308947.
I hope none of you run into this issue, but if you do hopefully this helps.
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