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Welcome to taking the front bumper cover off crew! I'm taken mine off twice. MY DRL damage was also from the dealership. My front bumper cover was replaced prior to me purchasing the car. Do you hate the tape that's used to wrap the wires as much as I do? Congrats on the repair!
I like it because it doesn't get gummy like the vinyl electrical tape. Removing it however sucks. I had to use a scalpel blade, my xacto didn't touch it.

Luckily I've learned some lessons if I have to take it off again. Jack the car up instead of mashing your face into the pavement getting the bottom screws out of the bumper. I also tidied up both sets of wires with some braided kevlar-like wire shrouds to hopefully provide some strain relief and protect against snag-related breaks going forward.

All of that and a new air filter and I'm set for another 5k miles or so, then it's back to scheduled maintenance.
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