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2017 Malibu PCV Orifice Camshaft Cover - How Difficult?

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Just got back from the dealer with news that my 2017 Malibu 90K has a PCV issue.
I have a leak from the crankcase caused by the high pressure. They ran a cylinder test and there are no issues with the pistons or rings. The dealer quote to replace the orifice is just under 2K.

How difficult is this job? Can my basic mechanic handle this?
The internet is a dangerous -- I found a Service Bulletin 20-NA-047 descrbing the issue and it seems straight forward?

The service advisor was stunned that I've been driving the car with this condition for about a year. Is it that bad?

Why can't all Chevy's run like my 2008 Impala?
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GM is reimbursing 4.7 hours work for camshaft cover removal under warranty. Those reimbursements tend to be tight - setup for a fast moving skilled tech. A independent shop mechanic likely can do it (not jiffy, meineke etc) but quality and price depends on shop. It is likely a moderate to high skilled job. I've never removed a camshaft cover but I've seen one. Ha.

I'm sure there are members that have removed one but based on the bulletin time varies from 2 hours to 5 depending on vehicle. It's not all the same. The Malibu complicates because of tamper proof tubes/pipe that must be replaced.
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