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2018 Premier 2.0T necessary or suggested maintenance

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2018 Premier 2.0

I have reached 5 years since original purchase of my 2018 Premier 2.0T. The car is running great currently. The manual says I need to change the coolant and brake fluid. Is there any other maintenance I should be doing at 5 years? I have 113,000 miles. How long have struts been lasting on these?
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Had the coolant, brake fluid, and transmission, spark plugs serviced at the dealer today for a cool $780. They said the shocks look fine. Thanks for the advice.
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I had to toss in another $550 last week. The brake pads went out.
It was rear and I did the pads and rotors. How much longer will I have on the front? They said they were good at this time.
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