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2018 Premier 2.0T necessary or suggested maintenance

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2018 Premier 2.0

I have reached 5 years since original purchase of my 2018 Premier 2.0T. The car is running great currently. The manual says I need to change the coolant and brake fluid. Is there any other maintenance I should be doing at 5 years? I have 113,000 miles. How long have struts been lasting on these?
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Ditto on trans fluid. Spark plugs are also due at 60k intervals so that should be soon. Struts and shocks depend on conditions and how they are performing. They can be 100k, can be 150k, or more. You can inspect them for leaking seals or feel - excessive bounce, noise, etc. If you are happy with the ride probably not a problem at this time.
The car appreciates that. My quick math has the pricing being totally normal.
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That's about the right mileage. Rear? I assume rotors too? If they charged $550 for pads that's crazy.
My rears went first in the same ballpark as you. My fronts went about 15,000 later.
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