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Passing this on along. I’ve had this happen to my 2020 Premier a dozen times in the three weeks I’ve had it. The infotainment system would switch presets without any touches. Normally it would go to the next preset but at least once it skipped preset screens entirely.

About half the time it happened the DIC would also flip by itself as if the left arrow was pressed. All in all very odd.

Took it in today and was curious as it took over two hours and I feared not much could be done. I think it helped greatly as I found a couple of videos that demonstrated the issue on other recent GM products.

Attached is a bulletin that describes the missing software that was installed today. I did have at least one over the air update and am surprised I guess that this didn’t come through that way. Maybe it can’t. We’ll see if this fixes it. I’ll know soon.

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