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2022 Trim Level Exhaust Comparison

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What differentiates the exhaust on the RS from the exhaust on the LS or LT? Where is it split? Does the RS dual exhaust get you anything in the way of performance? How about the Premier exhaust? Is it the same as the RS?
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Just appearance. The dual tips are nicer looking because of symmetry in my opinion. The cars all have a single exhaust manifold so there won't be performance differences that are exhaust related. The dual uses a Y to muffler and tips where the LS/LT just have a single muffler and hidden tip. The biggest difference is the LS/RS/LT have the 1.5T with CVT and the Premier has the 2.0T LTG and 9-speed. Another major cosmetic difference is the LT/Premier have the separate LED DRL and LS/RS have halogen headlights as DRL. I attached the 2022 ordering guide and pictures.


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