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22s with 4cyl

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Hey guys, i have 20s right now with a dropped car but i feel that the rims may be too small for the car, thats just my personal opinion but 20s still look good, but for those that did 22s, hows the ride and the tranny holding up? i have the 4 cylinder engine and thats the only reason why Im afraid of putting 22s on due to the strain on the tranny and engine, i know the bu is quite a strong car but i want opinions first
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Wheels, Tires, Brakes, and Suspension forum maybe?
You guys will run into problems down the road with the tranny but how soon depends on how heavy the wheels are. Your biggest problem is getting those big wheels stopped the stock brakes are not enough.
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i think a lot of people underestimate the parts themselves....

the shifting is exactly the same and doesnt seem like it stresses at alll

I mean i might just have a lot of faith in GMC/Chevy but i mean i had really oversized rims on my yukon and my blazer before that and never had any tranny probs knock on wood lol :)
I ave faith to but you are comparing v6-v8 trucks and SUV's to a 4 banger car. The tranny and engine are the same used in the cobalt and are just not up to par with the other lines that GM makes. If not abused this car should last 300k and I hope you do not run into problems down the road. I am just giving you a heads up that it could be an issue in the long run.

Also please for everyone's safety and your own if you go larger with wheels please upgrade your brakes. This is a comment for anyone and every one that is replacing their wheels. Anything above 18 is going to start being a problem for the stock brakes.

On a side note they really need to step this car up with a supercharged model or a v8 model :)
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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