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3.6L 6 speed trans flush advice please

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09 malibu 3.6L 6 speed with 50,000 miles on it. I was reading the owners maual and from what I understand the fluid is "lifetime" unless you fall under the severe duty catagory and then you need to change it at 50,000, is this correct?

I don't think I fall into the severe duty but I think I would like to change the fluid as a preventative maintenance thing, don't think it can hurt can it?

So if I do this do I need to flush it or can I drop the pan and drain and add new fluid? Also is there a servicable filter I need to change?

Any advice with this would be much appreciated,
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I just did a drain flush on my 3.6L/ 6T70 trans today. Very simple, took about 5 mins of total effort. You just need an 11mm socket to take the drain plug out. Let it drain while finding soemthing else to do for 10-15 mins. Put plug back in and add approx. 5.5qts.
you are right. I was drinking Xmas Cheer when I typed that!
nope, no crush washer that leaks. And you are right. Honda uses those dam things and if you change engine oil and keep re-using the same crush washer it will leak after 3-4 times.
If anyone does a DIY filter change please post the feedback of how tough it was. For those wondering the conver that needs removed is not on bottom of trans but front side. Looks to be a pretty large job to me. For the record I have changed probablt 25 trans filters in my lifetime and never once had a noticable result from doing so. I know it is a proactive action but this looks to be way different that dropping the pan on your Turbo 350 trans in your chevy pickup folks.
I sure wish there was a way to make the trans hold a geat a little longer and shift a bit more crispe. If anyone finds anything on that, please post here or PM me.
There is a 11 or 12 MM drain plug on bottom of trans. Pull taht and it will drain about 3 qts. I have dont is 4-5 times now. I did it 3 times in a row with 20-50 miles between each the first time. I do it about every other oil change now. I use this ATF going back in. [ame][/ame] You can get this ATF at Advanced Auto or Autozone. Advanced has it in 4 qt. jugs and I get 3-4 of them at a time with online coupon, chose store pickup at times as I do the same thing with my F350, but it takes 10 qts. every time so I go through some fluid.
Well the capacity of the trans is around 15 quarts. So, there is no way to get it all changed without a flush. Doing this is an incremental way of getting newer fluid in it. At $4/ qt for 3 qts. Every 10k miles. ( I use Mobile 1 synthetic motor oils o I got 5k miles between changes) I am happy to do this if it prolongs the need for a $4,500 trans. It is the easiest trans in the world to drain and fill. I do the Super duty about 1 time a year. To each his own but I own, license and insure 7 vehicles so my biggest mechanical failure fear are transmissions because they are a black art. 98% of time the diagnosis is “needs a new transmission”. My best friend is a body shop manager in a GM dealership. He has told me some interesting stories that have come out of the service department and downstream shops he deals with. The automotive industry is heavily loading with fraud. So, $12 every 4-5 months for ATF is fine by me in the 6 speed magic slushbox. I do know and have bought cars with Turbo 400 trans that have 200k on them and never changed and run fine. I don’t think the design and intent is there anymore for those results.
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