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I am considering spending the 20$ to gain access to factory service manuals on AC delcos site for 3 days. I have a 2016 Malibu Premiere with a couple of what I believe to be electrical issues. My thought is maybe I can see if they are all connected in some way. I didn't know if I would be even able to use the information or if it was made for the use with Diag tools. Any help or experiences good or bad I'd love to hear thanks 馃槉

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$30 will get you a year on Alldata which is what I use. Same intense pro level manual, they are not geared to those who do not have a very good understanding of vehicle repair and can be complicated navigating around them.
They also refer to using the GM scanner for a lot of tests. That's all I use for my fleet. Same intense wiring diagrams that I've seen in my buying paper manuals in the past before online access became common place.,
I've never seen the AC online ones and have been happy with Alldata for the last 10 yrs. .

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I'm somewhat curious what the acdelco site offers so you could always try it and let us know. I have the service manual and a digital subscription and each has its own pluses and minuses. Alldatadiy works fine for me... lots to read and learn on there. It takes some getting used to as far as navigation as there are huge amounts of information lurking behind simple links. One oddity, a bunch of the TSBs for my model year recently disappeared. I had all of them up to October 2019 but a couple months ago they disappeared all the way back to March 2018. It isn't too big of a deal since they are all over at the NHTSA site just not as easily searchable. I put in a support ticket for the missing TSBs are quickly learned the alldata support is atrocious.
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