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3" speakers in a-pillars

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Finished these up today and thought maybe some of you guys would like them. I have never taken on a project like this or even attempted to fiberglass anything before but they came out pretty good. Speakers are H-Audio XR3M wideband speakers. Took me a few weeks to do working on them an hour here and there. Let me know what you guys think.


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Wow, what great job, and what a way to make an impression for your first post!

How's it sound? Does it improve the overall effect or is it more just looks?
Honestly it sounds awesome. I haven't heard every speaker out there but these are the best ones i have had the pleasure of listening to. It was one of those things where i picked the speaker first and than had to figure out how to fit them.
When I was running aftermarket tweeters in the stock locations i was running into issues with sound wave reflections off the hump in the dash where the instrument cluster is. Having bigger speakers aimed up a bit helps avoid some of the issues my processor was having trying to time align the speakers (JBL MS-8).

looks sick.....I am about to do the same thing with mine :) Just need to find some speakers to use
Are you doing just tweeters or thinking about putting midrange speakers or widebanders up there as well? The biggest issue I had was with the huge magnet on the back of my speakers. If I did it over again I might have just gone with large format tweeters or a dome midrange and tweeter set up. What speakers are you considering so far? Maybe I can help you with some suggestions or thoughts on the speakers you have been looking at.
nice custom work right there
thanks! the crazy thing is I have never done or attempted anything like this before. if you have the desire, there is enough info online to walk you through almost anything you could want to do with your car. the best advice i can give anyone is take your time, don't be afraid to start over, and use the right tools in the first place. lots of hard lessons learned by myself lol.
I'll add one more - before you try something like this at home, if at all possible, get a pair of A-pillars from a boneyard to do the work on, instead of cutting up the ones that came with the car.

lol, great advice that i was too stubborn to take. i did price out new ones, $50 per side, but drove my car without any a-pillar covers a few times when i didn't want to drive my back up car.
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