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6x9 in rear deck replace

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Put some after market DB Drive 6x9s in the rear deck 150watts RMS per speaker. I got 2 more that imma do a deck out for all 4 and i got 6-6.5 for my doors im running at 500watts ill be running 2100watts in the interior alone :)


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I have a super mean rattle or something should I just take it part and look in side or what?

I am guessing your rattle is the plastic that GM used on these rear deck plates! I get a rattle also when I play any music with deep bass sounds!

Many have this same problem because GM decided to put plastic instead of some other material that would not rattle! I think GM had over done it a little too much with the plastic!

If your rattle is really bad, you may have loosen something up by high volume settings , who knows? I never had this issue with any of my other vehicles, current / past except this car but again my other cars don’t or didn’t have any plastic deck plates! :rolleyes:

I am sure there are some Guys here that could give you some advise on insulating and the use of some materials to help eliminate / reduce the rattle!

Good luck!
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