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6x9 in rear deck replace

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Put some after market DB Drive 6x9s in the rear deck 150watts RMS per speaker. I got 2 more that imma do a deck out for all 4 and i got 6-6.5 for my doors im running at 500watts ill be running 2100watts in the interior alone :)


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This was before my decision of getting rid of it and only said that cuz of my job is kinda on the edge right now...I havent did any of the other speakers until i know for sure i gotta job or not and able to keep the car..
i dont have any pics but its pretty simple...

1. Remove the rear door sill panels
2. let both seats down
3. the rear seat structure is bolted to the back so remove those 2
4. remove the 2 push pins from the carpet liner (trunk part you can see)
5. remove the 2 push pins from the top door sill panel.
6. finish removing the panels including the top 2 back rear (light grey/tan ones)
7. lift up the rear deck, disconnect a wire (youll see it) and then you'll see the 6x9s
8. they are glued down down so i just used a panel popper and lifted up to break the glue
9. they slide out and disconnect them and there ya go
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