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ok i have the tiny radiator on the front of engine good
i have the lines checked for pressure and pressure holds and is good at 55psi
i read that it takes 46psi to engage compressor on my 97 so thats good

the compressor kicks on but i dont know if its good or not ?? but it is kicking on

the radiator fans kick on as they should, i check with scanner no major issues i know scanner does only so much tho - i checked all relays and fuzes they look good

the control module in the console lights up and a/c light is on u can tella diff from reg air and when the a/c is on but its just the diff between hot and not so hot not cold at all tho

my ? is this

does anyone think i have too much oil in the system maybe or air or moisture in the lines maybe

i used a r134a refill 24oz can and did not use entire can at all system pressure was 0 before and went up to almost 25-30psi while filling car with system on compressor engaged and blower to 5 then turned off and vacumed in pressure rechecked at almost 70 psi released some psi down to 59 and re ran tests drove around everything 3 times so now i have it nice at about 57psi low side cause i can only do low side i dont have toold for the hi side

also temp on car is halfway or below so i dont think its being over run by engine heat

i think i have too much oil in the system and i wanna know how do i flush and empty the system

or i have a bad condensor bladder or compressor

all of witch i dont know much about how to test

but lines deff are holding pressure and the compressor is deff kicking on , im pretty sure u can tell in the engine and cause u hear it click and u can hear a low whirling noise as im thinking the system is pushing the freeon around

but i pressurized the system to 58psi very quick so im thinking i have left over oil from a previous person and just wayy too much oil in the system i dont know for sure tho since i am by far no a/c tech this is all just speculation

any help appreciated

brand new overflow tank and sensor too ! and coolant system flushed so let me know what anyone thinks
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