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AC not cold enough

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It got up to 96 degrees here today. My wife and I were out for our Anniversary dinner. We had the AC on in the Malibu and it just seemed like it was not cold enough. With the fan on full blast and the recirculate on it didn't help. I have an 02 Cavalier with 140,000 miles on it, the AC has never been touched and it is way colder then the Malibu.

We hooked the car to set of gages and it seemed to have a full charge. The car just turned over 7000 miles. Anyone else seeing this problem?
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Take it to the dealer.
What?....Its a brand new car. I should not have to do that. The people that are saying there Ac is fine....has it been 90+ degrees and 90%+humidity where you are at?
That's what I've had to do with all my brand new cars, my Grand Am, my LaCrosse, My Mazda, and I'm betting the Malibu as well. I'm guessing because there is not enough air flow.

Seriously though, if you're really that worried about it, take it to the dealer. That is what your warranty is for. There very well could be something wrong with your car. We're not mechanics, we're not trained professionals, we're just trying to throw ideas as to what may be going on.

Also, if you're bent out of shape because something went wrong on your brand new car, you shouldn't buy new ever again. I hate to tell you this, but things do go wrong, even on brand new cars.
It was 93 with 50% relative humidity outside yesterday on the drive home. While the AC did take longer to cool the cabin, it was plenty cold by the time I got home.

On another note:

I turned the HVAC system on last night while moving and felt the car surge, which didn't feel right. Has anyone has this happen?
The car surging is normal. It's just the A/C kicking in causing the car to bog breifly. Nothing to worry about.
What i've noticed on all my cars is that the hotter and more humid it is outside, the longer it takes to cool the car. It also directly affects how cold the air itself is.

The best way to get the coldest output is by turning on the recirculate. It took about 10-15 minutes to cool off my car yesterday. It was about 95 degrees with high humidity. The heat index was 100+. I also have a black car, so that doesn't help either.

Everything I've been reading sounds pretty normal from my experiences.
So maybe the rub here is I see al ot of you using different settings. I assume it is the fan speeds you are referring to. Correct me if I'm wrong. I am making my reference to poor performance while in Auto mode. Both fan & climate controls on this setting temp set to 72* Might be problem with the Auto set?
The temperature is the biggest factor from what I can see. Turn that baby down to 61*.
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