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AC not cold enough

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It got up to 96 degrees here today. My wife and I were out for our Anniversary dinner. We had the AC on in the Malibu and it just seemed like it was not cold enough. With the fan on full blast and the recirculate on it didn't help. I have an 02 Cavalier with 140,000 miles on it, the AC has never been touched and it is way colder then the Malibu.

We hooked the car to set of gages and it seemed to have a full charge. The car just turned over 7000 miles. Anyone else seeing this problem?
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Since I purchased my car we haven't had any real hot days so far in June, warm days and the AC seemed find. We'll see.
The car is going to the dealer 9:30 Wed morning regardless...
If you can see if you can test the A/C on a new Malibu on the dealer lot, if its blowing the same you my need to drive your car naked. :)
The wife took the car in yesterday and they said there is nothing wrong with it. It was putting out 46 degree air while going down the road. But what they didn't say what it was at an idle sitting still. Whatever....:mad:
Does your wife find it hot as well? Sorry to hear they didn't find anything wrong with it.
just be happy your car runs good.

people bitch about everything!

maybe you are just a hot guy (fat?)
Why would you post such a comment?
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