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Aftermarket radio install

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Here are some installed pics of my radio install


JVC KW-NX7000 - Double Din DVD, NAV, USB, SD Card (16gb barrier SD/USB), DivX
With added, HD Radio, XM Satellite Radio, BlueTooth - Phone & Audio

Arc Audio 6000 6.5" Componet speakers front and rear powered by Arc 300.4 (100x4)

Arc Audio 12" Subs powered by Arc 300.2 (750x1)

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Looks awesome - does the head unit integrate with the steering wheel controls?
hey that is an amazing looking set up!:eek:

i just got into a 2000 malibu and im looking to change out the stock head unit. is that a whole new faceplate for the pannel? to relocate the heating switches i mean. it looks awesome.
what is the little box underneath with the blue lettering on it? i understand that chevy likes to control computer parts through the head unit. can you still do this with a non stock deck?

please let me know what that box is and how you changed your system.

did you do the install yourself? if so do you have any pointers? Im debating whether to install my JVC 7" DVD head unit myself or pay a professional.
can u repost pics? theya rent working for me.. unless its jus my computer?
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