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Aftermarket Taillights

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Recently bought these tail lights and went to install them myself this passed weekend and realized that the “plug and play” was indeed not plug and play. The plugs didn’t match up and wanted to know if anyone had any advice on whether or not I have to splice the wires or if I should buy a factory plug and replace the one on the aftermarket tail lights and if anyone had any advice in general on how to do any of this. Thank you!
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Of the 2 options, I'd go for changing the plugs on the lights so they mate with the car. That way, if you ever re-install the stock lights, they'll just plug in.
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All Data DIY dot com has been recommended by a number of other members. It's a subscription service. I believe you can take it for just a month, download all you need, then cancel before the 2nd month.
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