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Aqua LED strip under dash

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My new mod: Aqua LED strip under dash.. almost the same color as the ambient LEDs that come on the LTZ.


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I used a self adhesive strip and just attatched it to the underside of the dash. It's hard to find Aqua LED strips so I went to and bought a RGB strip. Then wired ONLY the Blue and Green wires (blend makes Aqua). Then just used a fuse tap to my low beams so they come on and off with the automatic headlights.

First one on the page. I bought the 15 LED strip and cut it in two 6 LED sections (you can cut it in strips of 3,6,9 etc). I also bought some extra RGB wire to wire the second half that I cut. This gave me two 6 LED sections. Wired the Blue and Green wires (to make Aqua) through a simple switch I bought at an autoparts store.

Then I ran the power from the switch to a fuse tap which I also got at a local autoparts store. I connected the fuse tap to the left low beam (look in your book for the location of this fuse).

Cost maybe $30 total.
Um, I just bought 4 feet of the RGB wire.. it's real cheap so just buy a bunch extra.

That switch should work fine... I had to change the fuse on the switch I bought, remember LEDs have a very low amp draw.

And that was the fuse tap I used also... typically you could just shove the wire down with the fuse but a tap just makes it a bit nicer.

There's a couple good bolts under the stereo you can use for a ground... the panels on the side of the center consol come on and off easy.
I used the wire that came with the switch kit i bought. Ran it with the hood release cable through the firewall. Then just connected that to the fuse tap.
Yes that is what I used.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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