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Aqua LED strip under dash

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My new mod: Aqua LED strip under dash.. almost the same color as the ambient LEDs that come on the LTZ.


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thats cool, how did you do it?
Where is the location of the low beam? I looked around the fuse box but couldnt find anything regarding the low beams. would you be so kind to explain the connection part of the process to connect the led to the low beams?


Can you tell me the product you actually bought?

Super Bright LEDs

I noticed on the website you provided that some are suitable for automobiles and some are not. I want to know what I would need to get to get started and wouold appreciate your advice.

Thanks a lot! and your car is awesome!
Excellent! This definitely sounds easy enough to do with some great results.

Although, I do have a couple of more questions that I hope you can help me out with.

How much extra rgb wire did you purchase to run to the switch?

Did you use this type of switch?

I noticed on some online diagrams that there is a ground also on some of these switches. Did you use a ground?

what type of wire did you use to run the switch to the fuse block in the trunk?

and how much of this wire should I get to reach to the back fuse block panel?

Did you use this type of fuse tap?

or this type?

Thanks for your time and the motivation. This information will definitely help me get started and create a step by step for everyone else.
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Did you use regular copper wire to the fuse block? and how did you run this? (so it doesnt look tacky, ha)
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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