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Back Turn Signals problem

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Hey guys, so recently my passenger side front low beam decided to fail on me which really isn’t unusual for the car. The entire port was melted so I ordered a new harness and I am currently waiting for it to come in tomorrow. I decided to try and diagnose the problem and during that my car battery decided to die after messing with the bulb a bit it would come on and off like a broken iPhone charger. I decided to leave the bulb out and left it empty without a bulb until my LED lights came in so I wouldn’t have to constantly change my bulbs every 3 months. This only became an issue after owning the car for like 10 years. After awhile I decided to get my oil changed and they said my right turn signal was not working and that my left brake light was out... I decided to check it out because it seemed like a scam but to my surprise they weren’t working... I just checked it out and and changed the bulbs and the brake lights work. The hazards work at the front and the turn signals work in the front also. But the relay or turn signals don’t work in the back. I’m not sure what could be the problem I tried changing the bulbs but that didn’t help. I’m not sure if having no bulb in the front right of the car would affect the back of the turn signals. Maybe a light is needed for the relay to do it’s job? I’m not sure. I should’ve probably waited to see if the harness would fix the problem but to me it doesn’t make sense for both signals to go out when they were working fine before when the light had been out. If you guys have any ideas let me know and I’ll get back to you guys when I get the harness in tomorrow. Hopefully I didn’t short anything but anything is possible with this generation of Malibu’s lol.
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Is yours a Gen7 model from 2008-2012, or possibly a hold-over Gen6 "Classic" 2008? Helpful info reminder here.

Assuming it's a Gen7, you can try the hazard switch since it flashes all 4 at once. The brake lights and the turn signals are the same filament on the rear. The BCM cancels the brake for that side in order to flash it.

There is no separate relay for the lower brake lights, but the CHMSL has a separate relay and fuse.

If all 4 flash with the hazards, then your MFS (multi-function switch, aka turn, headlights, hi/low) could have an issue. However, if the fronts flash the left and right properly then the MFS likely isn't the issue.

The headlight being installed, working, burned out, or missing will have nothing to do with the turn signals. However, the harness to the headlight housing includes the wires to the headlights, turn signal, and side marker. Having the master plug disconnected will cause that side to hyperflash until the issue is resolved.
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