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Bagged 10 malibu

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OK OK OK... I know i have had on my sig that my car is bagged, and some of u have had 2nd thoughts about it.. But i have finally had some time to put a little thread together WITH PICS. For those of you who are skeptical about my car, I have had it bagged since the beginning of April. I do believe I am THE FIRST Gen 7 Malibu bagged from all the research i've done! lol.. but enough talking and time for the pics..
I do have to give the credit to one of my good friends George for coin pretty much all the work on my car.. he himself is in the bagged truck seen in houston.. if u guys like check out his work and his lil toys too!!! not tryna promote or solicit but here is his page

there she is started out getting her plastic surgery cuz u kno that what the Gold Diggin Females want these days.. (not saying all women... just the GOLD DIGGERS)

This was the first general idea of where things were gunna be!

The bags before they were put to work.

Strut Bags for the fronts! some fab work needed!!

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Final drilled in to the body!!

Rear bags and valves

Gauges instal... Removed the i guess the "ash tray spot" and relocated the cig lighter outlet

Put the Blue LEDS and we have pressure!!!

another close up.. a lil dusty excuse that plz haha
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i gotta run for now but will put more pics up later and I need to take pics of my relocation of my outlet! STAY TUNED!!
How does it handle? Do you have a list of part numbers for the bags and any other equipment needed?

I like the idea way better than sticking lowering springs on just because it's adjustable for loads. Can it be inflated/deflated while moving?
Yes sir it does handle good except on the bumpy roads.. haha having bags the momentum catches up to u and bounces a lil more haha.

i can put together a small list of parts i kinda wrote on a piece a paper that i should have laying around sum where... oh yes i love it and the roads by my house or within my area are pretty horrible... so i always ride at stock and when i get gas or stop somewhere or about to park i droop it and BREAK NECKS :) i dunno why but when i do that some how or some way from the cccccssssshhhhhhhhh noise i still get asked.. "You got hydraulics on that thing??" :/

i took some quick pics of where i relocated the cig outlet and my compressor switch to control on or off when i feel like playing with the switchz :cool:
On with the Blue led

and off

ignore the gap and the alignment from the sidewall its my iPhone cable for my doubledin i put out that way and need to adjust or move that to come out the bottom..
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Even with the 7 Gallon air tank and the compressors i still have room for my subs :)

Here is a few pics I have that get a lot of love on Facebook :) I don't try to whore it becuz i still got a lot more i want to do to it... Im saving for the rims so when i do get them.. My Bu will be body dropped once i get them rims.. so i will be the First body dropped on bags :) lots of fab work though.

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I am close but not close enough to laying body well probably control arm or frame lol.. but I'm an inch and a 1/4 from laying.. I Need to get shorter struts for the front or fab out the strut mounts for the front..

and for the back I'm bottomed out on my rear shock.. and i looked all over for struts that were smaller that would work.. and the collapsed height of our Malibu struts are 11.53" and sad to say we have one of the smallest shocks in the back... lol.. so i have to relocate the shock and cut into the frame too so the control arm doesn't hit the frame...

heres how high i can get compared to how low i get too
and i do know how to park... the crappy hub caps are from the previous owner... i just havnt taken them off cuz i would rather ride those hub caps that steelies lol.. and to get new ones they are 80 a piece through the dealer.. PSSHH and i aint buying those.. lol...
this is about as high as i can get

Rear height up close..

front up close.. (lol look at my head haha.. just noticed that..)
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Can it be inflated/deflated while moving?
Sry i missed that part.. YES i can play all i want.. just gotta be careful in the heat.. don't want to cook the compressors or even get them too hot period!! i will make and post vids soon.. and i can just record some quickies when i can..
ur not pretty sure... if u did ur research he is not bagged... he is on hydrohaulics... he was actually the first person i talked to cuz i tried to research it myself to see if i was gunna be the first or not.. and he told me and i seen in his youtube videos.. HYDROHAULICS... and dont try to correct me lol cuz its a different type of hydraulics.
final cost only cost me about 3 in total with all the fab.. ill make a short video when i have time.. not super fast to inflate, my lines are only 3/8.
don't get your panties in a bunch, I was just showing you his car.. you don't want to go down the same road on this forum that Jramz did
oh there not i just hate when ppl get in that mood an try to correct or try to prove someone wrong and they couldnt or didnt.. none the less i dont care, im not trippin.
Not to familiar with bagged setups. How do you account for excessive camber when the system is lowered farther than the stock ride height, to stop the bad tire wear? I would guess a camber kit wont work because the ride height varies.
Very good question, and yes it does vary

I used to have a 98 malibu with air suspension and what I did was found a psi setting I liked and then had the wheel alignment done with the car at that setting. So as long as the car was at that psi the alignment was good. I'm sure he has done the same
and thats a great idea.. especially for bagged cars.. when truck that are bagged have certain suspension tricks for that as car dont as much cuz its not a very common thing for bagged cars and camber prevention..

as for me... Houston roads are really nasty.. so the only time i ride low is on highway or on any area thats semi flat.. or even in parking lots of car meets or just residential areas too.. im not finished with my car.. and plan to do alot more.. im just saving lol..
i will record videos when i have time!! im on vacation right now in Indiana and will be returning beginning of the week.. and i will try to slap somethin together!
haha yes im in lafayette! thats where my family is.. lol it was a 17 1/2 hour drive from houston lol..

I actually came through illinois but it u want me to come through so u can see my Bu and i can check urs out lemme know and i can make a detour.. my gf wants to go visit a friend stationed in tennessee anyways so that would give me another reason to come through there haha
monday morning about 5.. leaving from lafayette
haha its all good maybe next time haha.. I'm back in Houston now!! lol.. so now i can work on making some videos lol.. I'm trying to get ahold of a friends go pro, since i don't have one..

check out this coverage... its a local meet in houston and im the first car on the line up!! haha just another photo to share haha
Hey DrivenDaily, u got an email i can get ahold and chat with u on? i got some questions about ur mods that i didnt see on the forum and would like to go one on one with u on. and then post if is of importance lol.. :)
nice.. and yea skar maliboom is right though just stated from the research i found. Some dude on instagram told me too and i seen ur pics froma site link he sent me and i saw it and thought it was sick too..

yea mines far from done now too.. im barely finishing BCT and about to start my AIT so here soon hopefully i might be able to get some rims too and i was gunna get some raceline billets too, i got the hook up on those.. i was lookin at the Sniper 5's too or the legacy five. I mainly had my eye on the legacy 5's and the imperial 6's but yea i still havnt decided on wheel specs cuz theres not many ppl u can test and fit with haha...

whats ur wheel specs?

yea mines far from done too.. im just broke though lol.. i got remote lift comin up next when i finish here at AIT and ima upgrade my viair 444s to bigger compressors so i can fill my 7 gal tank faster lol.. i get impatient.
i also found a company i could prolly use to upgrade the front struts and bags.. so ima check them out too.. lots of stuff needed to be done lol just so lil time and money haha

i had a type of drag bar on it in the back.. that brought lots of love.. so i might do a drag bar install too cuz i do chill with alot of mini trucks and trucks in the bagged scene.

i havnt been on here much either i been busy and what not but its nice to see u came out of hiding lol.. cuz i never foudn u to ask about ur bu haha i wanted to see ur set up and what not.. haha but yea bro if u could hitme up with a pm and ur email and # or sumthin so we can chat!!
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i dont have too much here but I got a few more pics to show too!

A lil face down A$$ up :p

stock wheels :/ i need rims lol

one of my favorites
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Looks sweet. I just may.
haha join the club man! There are currently 4 fully bagged malibus. I was #2 (i thought i was the first but i wasn't lol..) Jared_Morgan was #4 but his is looking pretty sweet i must say.

I have more photos and clips of my car on my instagram if y'all want to follow me on there!

"Aztekmalibu" is the name of my instagram!
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