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Bagged 10 malibu

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OK OK OK... I know i have had on my sig that my car is bagged, and some of u have had 2nd thoughts about it.. But i have finally had some time to put a little thread together WITH PICS. For those of you who are skeptical about my car, I have had it bagged since the beginning of April. I do believe I am THE FIRST Gen 7 Malibu bagged from all the research i've done! lol.. but enough talking and time for the pics..
I do have to give the credit to one of my good friends George for coin pretty much all the work on my car.. he himself is in the bagged truck seen in houston.. if u guys like check out his work and his lil toys too!!! not tryna promote or solicit but here is his page

there she is started out getting her plastic surgery cuz u kno that what the Gold Diggin Females want these days.. (not saying all women... just the GOLD DIGGERS)

This was the first general idea of where things were gunna be!

The bags before they were put to work.

Strut Bags for the fronts! some fab work needed!!

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How does it handle? Do you have a list of part numbers for the bags and any other equipment needed?

I like the idea way better than sticking lowering springs on just because it's adjustable for loads. Can it be inflated/deflated while moving?
You're in Indiana? You're probably gonna pass right through Louisville on your way home, unless you flew. Make sure you honk, and when I hear it, I'll wave. ;)
When are you heading back?
I'll be at work today, but honk yer horn fer sure! If you're passing through later in the day send me a PM so I'll get an alert. If I'm off I'd be happy to find ya and meet up! :)
Click on my screen name and select "Send PM"...
I'm backkkkkkk ;)

Run for the hills!

The sky is falling!

OH, wait, it's not all that bad.
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