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Hi all,
This is my first post! Excuse me if I’m posting this in the wrong place (or grammar errors, currently on my phone). I have a 2009 Malibu LT, 2.4 with the 4t45 transmission, and plenty of rust. I got a p0700 with p0974 codes driving on the highway a couple weeks ago - I slowed down due to some ice, the car shifted down, but never shifted back up and stayed in 3rd gear the rest of the time.

So, for some maintenance and a desire to get my hands dirty, I’m replacing both shift solenoids as well as transmission fluid/filter. I’ll also likely clean the TCM connector.

To give myself some extra room in removing the valve body cover I’m removing the battery tray but I cannot figure out how the fuse box comes out of the battery tray. (I have the tray loose and I can wiggle it a good bit). I pulled on the bottom of the fuse box and I can see that it moves, do I need to keep pulling on it?I see a couple of tabs on the bottom that could be holding it in... in an effort to peek and see I snapped one off. Pretty brittle plastic. I’m not really wanting to break any more...

So, tl:dr, I want to remove the battery tray but I don’t know how to pop the fuse box out of the tray. Carefully? Do I need a crow bar? I can give it the beans if necessary.

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