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Available in April, 2012!:

g-Force Sport Comp-2
Tread Type: Directional
Speed Rating: V, W
UTQG: 340
Traction: AA
Temperature: A

I’ve tested a number of tires from a variety of tire manufacturers during product launches. Not once have I ever heard a tire manufacturer tell a group of, by no means professional, drivers “Don’t wussy foot it” (edited).

Matt and I, a couple of automotive enthusiasts from Discount Tire, had the chance to attend the BFG g-Force Sport Comp-2 product launch at Fontana Raceway in California a few weeks ago. We knew very little about the new tire and very little about what BFG had planned for the launch. We were told that as long as we could get the all clear to attend from home base (Corporate) everything else would be taken care of. How could we pass that up?

So away we went, we landed in Ontario, CA mid afternoon on Tuesday Jan. 31st and were out on the track the following morning by 9am. BFGoodrich had a team of engineers, some marketing and support staff and a grip of their test/pro drivers out for the day. We started the morning off with a presentation describing the new BFG g-Force Sport Comp-2. They described its improvements over the original g-Force Sport and talked about where it sits now compared to similar tires in the Ultra High Performance Category (UHP). We then split into groups and rotated through 4 different test stations, the 0-60-0 test, a high speed road course, a short course dry autoX track and a short course wet autoX track.

At first glance the new BFG g-Force Sport Comp-2 doesn’t look much different than the g-Force Sport it’s replacing. The tread design looks almost identical but the sidewall is a little cleaner and smoothed out. So what’s new? To really see it, you’ve got to drive it.

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