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BMW Look Alike

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Hello forum, I'm new here and this is my first post. Like many others I'm looking for advice or suggestions on wheels. I own a 2010 LT in white. 35% tint all around, and I painted the emblems black. Now I'm looking into buying the H&R Sport Springs which drops it down about 1.5" and some new wheels.

I'm kind of aiming for a stock BMW look. Probably 18" and thinking something gunmetal or black would look good. I'm not into being flashy, I just want a modest, good looking upgrade. I've picked a few out but can't really pull the trigger on a decision. I thought there might be some wheel experts around here who might have a good eye. Here are a couple I have been considering...

These are more of a BMW style

Another set

Not really into chrome, but these almost seem like an upgraded version of the stock wheel... which don't look too bad, just cheap.

Here's the latest picture of my car

So those are my general thoughts... any ideas?

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I like the last ones
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