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So I'm hunting ideas until I get a weekend from work. My current issue is my brake pedal will go in all the way. Before it started, it was fine but then after some time I lost most of the braking other than a little with the pedal pushed all the way.

The next day the pedal seemed to be back to where it was and has alright travel, but will have to double check.

I don't believe there was air sucked because my reservoir was atleast half way full or a little more.

There so far hasn't been any work to calipers or anything to do with the hydraulic system of the brakes.

Any suggestions of what could be the issue?

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Pedal going to the floor one time then it returning to normal operation without any loss of brake fluid is an indication of a bad master cylinder.
If you have no experience bleeding master cylinders take it to a pro. If you introduce air into the ABS system, you will be taking it to a shop for sure.
Make time to fix it, driving it that way you are an accident waiting to happen. Brake issues are no joke, for real.
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