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The black part is the gasket. You have to make sure you get all of the old black gasket off the side of the engine when you install the new one... mine was stuck on there pretty good. Maybe you'll get lucky and it will stick to the pump! When I did mine I didn't change the booster hose.

Not a tough change at all just make sure you turn the vacuum pump so it aligns with the end of the camshaft. It's straightforward.

EDIT: When I changed mine I ordered the pump and gasket but it did come with the gasket so ended up with an extra. I checked my history and it was only $6 at the time so that thing really inflated!

EDIT2: On second thought, apparently only the 2.0T gasket went up. The 1.5T gasket is $2 now compared to the 2.0T version at $45. What on earth!


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